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in adaptive learning, it gives more emphasis on the data collection and assessment. The analysis of every data gives the student performance report and it is very helpful in finding out the strengths and weakness of the students. It is helpful in evaluating students in an effective manner and instructors can guide a true learning path to their learners.
Case Study -
Rio Salado college in tempe, arizona (USA) is a college which is giving its academic services to students in form of academic degree courses and certifications for more than 35 years. Approximately 60000 students complete their degree affiliations each year. In 2013, college first time introduced the developmental english and personality development courses by using the technology and digital medias.
Rio Salado college also partnered with the pearson education group in 2013 and they launched many consecutive courses in three years which were based upon the adaptive learning methods and they also collected the data of many students for measuring their performance.

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