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Today is the era of information technology. Web publishing is today the biggest trend of the era and in the last fifteen years, the web publishing for individuals is getting so easy by just creating an account with the google, bing or yahoo alike services. Today the increasing amount of the online content is increasing the problem of information overload regarding to an entity.

In the case of an adult learner, the online publishing done by them is not contextual and relevant. To make it more pertaining to the subject, editorial guidance and peer review is more necessary. It is necessary for the academic and professional career of the adult learners because they are more job and employment oriented.

The editorial reviewed post will be helpful in the knowledge base of the colleges, institute and university and it is also helpful in the professional accommodations. To submit an editorial reviewed project report is more useful than the self assessed copy of the students and candidates.

The research projects are also considerable for the seminars, webinars and conferences. The sharing of the knowledge increases the professionalism in a subject field. It creates a sense of expertise and leadership in the chosen field. It also creates a sense of life long learning in the adult learners.

To create the academic knowledge base in the university or college institute forgers the relationship between the adult learners with the academic institute. This relationship should not be like the relationship of the classroom teaching just to take for a diploma, degree or any academic course.    

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