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The south India is considered as the center of the bamboo handicraft industry. The fact is also associated with the bamboo industry in these cities is that this is governed by the state and local government in these cities.
The bamboo handicraft industry is active in the following cities like - Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu. Mostly 1000 families are involved in this business related to bamboo handicraft products. In Kerala alone more than 30 lakh people are connected to this handicraft industry.   
The bamboo handicraft industry has the two different components - formal and informal. Formal sector has also a mix of family, individual firms and organizations. These formal sector units are needed to be registered under different government development centres.
There are only 2 kind of bamboo handicraft products - value added products and intermediary products. Only 10% of the bamboo handicrafts are value added products. Many household people are dependent on the supply of the bamboo products for their routine needs in South India.   
Bamboo curtain and Lamp shades are two common products in South India. To promote these handicraft items many exhibitions are organized by the hotels and restaurants which are a major marketing resource of the handicraft promotion.

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