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Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) is a public sector undertaking and it is established according to a second five year plan. It is headquartered in Bhilai which comes under Chhattisgarh and it is the first company of producing and manufacturing the steel rails. Currently its production is more than 10 million tones.   
Why ERP was needed in the Bhilai Steel Plant ?
As per according to the official sources, the lethal reasons for implementing the ERP in BSP were related to the packaging, raw materials, suitable plant reengineering, reporting and planning, upgradation of existing systems. BSP decided to implement the erp project named Utkarsh which has its own remarks in plant management, sales and distribution & production planning.
How ERP was implemented in the Bhilai Steel Plant ?
It was absolutely not easy to implement ERP software of SAP in a PSU like Bhilai Steel Plant. Approximately 300 people were involved in the implementation of Utkarsh ERP software and approximately 3000 end users and customers were trained in operating SAP.
There were following features involved in the implementation of ERP software -   
management reporting
access via web portal
different levels of user accessibility
proper training and documentation
user manual management
online availability of stocks
order based information is possible
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