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There are a dozen of web technologies, which make the complete framework of ColdFusion. Many technologies are in the core architecture and many of them are in the front architecture. There are four main core technologies in ColdFusion framework -

Hypertext Transfer Protocol ( HTTP ) -

HTTP is a basic protocol for making a communication layer on the internet. It is a complete transport mechanism so that the web service providers can communicate with their consumers.

Extensible markup Language ( XML ) -

This is a new advanced version of HTML language which uses tags to encode information and data. HTML works on predefined tags but XML gives you the facility to create your own tags. This is useful in creating and setting the data transmission between the user and consumers.

SOAP ( Simple Object Access Protocol ) -
SOAP is a lightweight protocol to communicate data transfer in the distributed environment of ColdFusion framework. In the data transfer, SOAP handles the data transfer by accurate data types between the consumers and web services.

WSDL ( Web Service Description Language) -

WSDL is a XML based language, where it defines that how a user will access the web services. It gives all the procedure and document related details which are necessary to access the web services.

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