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In this era of digital technology, an individual can’t be in touch with his favourite blogs and online magazines. RSS feeds can help you in solving your problem by keeping you in touch with changes in the blog website.

Suppose a user wants to be in touch with 10 blogs and if those blogs are providing the support of RSS feeds, then those feeds can be emerged in to one feed by the user. Feeds are only helpful for E-commerce sites.

To create feeds in ColdFusion framework, tag is used. There are following attributes of the tag like -

action - to define the task of tag.
name - to define the structure name.
outputFile - to define the path of storing the XML data.
properties - specifies the structure of mets data.
query - specifies the query to populate the feed.
xmlvar - stores the name of variable for storing the XML.

Before creating a feed, it is necessary for developers to decide the type of feed - RSS 2.0 or Atom 1.0. The developer can decide the data flow through name attribute or also by the property and query attribute.

An application developer also decides the type of meta -data and other information which he is going to decide the flow of feed. This data can be related to URL, title, description and other parameters.   

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