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In the ninth version of ColdFusion framework, data and content is provided to the broad range of portals and platforms. There are numerous ways to access all the information on portal servers using ColdFusion 9 framework. this facility is also liable for different kind of Java portal servers.

A web portal is the central point of the Java portal servers and sharepoint so that it can present the web applications from multiple way. This type of web portals also provide the facility to interact the other web applications without leaving it.

Sharepoint works through the web parts. A web part is the central point of sharepoint which provides direct facility to show data and content with more control and authentication facility. Generally web parts are created in the framework.

In Java portal servers, the similar concept of web portlets is introduced. The portlets are web pages or software components which are used to display one or more type of information. The portlets can also show the information including other web applications with data access control and authentication.

Sharepoint and Java portal servers access data and content from the ColdFusion 9 framework. A different page viewer is provided to the application developer to display external web application or internal application database.  

SharePoint includes features that allow you to access data and content from ColdFusion 9 applications. In SharePoint Web Part Pages. You can use the Page Viewer Web Part to display any external web application  including any ColdFusion 9 mobile application.

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