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ColdFusion framework gives you services and tools to interact with the operating system through its tags and functions. There are many functions in this category which are useful in managing interaction b/w operating system and application like -

- to manipulate files.
- to change the directories.
- to change the zip files to the system.
- to change in the registry settings.

There are many tag attributes which are used to set attributes to perform a dynamic action to the query, form fields contained in files. To stop the malicious actions in the file system it is very necessary to use the file system tags very carefully. There are following tags in the tag -

copy - to locate the file from source to destination.
move - to move the file from source to destination.
rename - to rename the file in a directory.
read - to read the content of the file through string variable.
write - to write the content in a file specified by string variable.

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