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There are many instances in the ColdFusion application file system where application developer has to made some modifications the file like - location changing, resizing, changing pixel size etc. But now here a question arises that is it necessary to have the file in actual file system for performing modification? The answer is nope !

So how could you modify changes in the files without having it in your actual file system ? This is done through virtual file mechanism. To use this file system, application developer has to enable in-memory file system in ColdFusion administrator settings. There is a limit of data to be put in a virtual file system.

The default size of virtual file system is 100 MB. After getting enabled, an application developer can write the code in this virtual file system. The point of matter is to understand is that the virtual file system uses the RAM of a PC so that it is also shareable via the other templates and files as well.

It is important to understand that virtual file system is nothing new in compare to main file system or directories of the ColdFusion framework. One thing is special here is to mention the “ram://”path in the declaration of the virtual file system.

There are some keywords which are totally utilisable for the virtual file system like - enabled, limit, free and used. Enabled keyword is used to enabling of virtual file system in browser and other keywords are used for displaying the space usage of virtual file system in the memory.       

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