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China is the major industry player in almost every area. It is also a significant country in the field of home decor and furniture segment. It is also rocking the european countries and USA as well. The chinese furniture is famous for the following categories - metal furniture, wooden furniture and eminent manufacturing industries. In 2010, There is also a turnover of more than 700 million USD.
The wooden furniture industry is already famous in China. More than 80 % of the timber also comes out the five main regions of China including Shanghai. The wooden furniture industry success depends totally on the regular supply of wooden timber supply.
The mid west China lags behind in the wooden furniture industry. The Eastern China is doing much better. Since 1978, the Chinese Government is doing the more efforts to attract the FDI (foreign direct investment). The proper resource base and developed manufacturing economy of China has led to a higher developed export strategy.        
The world furniture export rate is more than 10% and till 2010 there is almost the international  business of more than 300 billion dollars. China is one of the five top manufacturing countries amongst all the world lagging far behind to all other countries.  
China today exports its home decor furniture and office furniture to more than 200 countries. Japan, United Kingdom and USA are the major key market segments of Chinese furniture. In which USA is totally having the 40% participation in the Chinese Furniture.   

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