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A coldfusion application is complex enough to handle for an application developer. After performing the die hard efforts, there are still some bottleneck possibilities which can create a problem in your application. Let’s try to know some of these application bottlenecks -

web server bandwidth -

A web server bandwidth should be there in sufficient quantity to handle the application. This is necessary for those applications which have the substantial amount of traffic. A lack of proper server bandwidth management can increase the server throttling problem.

processes running on the same server -

Many kind of processes run on a server and uses its essential memory and space. This memory space can be low or high. This thing can impact the overall performance of the server and application as well. By using task manager, we can also see the process monitoring session.   

Latency time of network -

There are many machines communicating with each other to perform their operations. It is necessary to understand that how much of the machines are communicating with your machine at a given time. It can be done by using ping command on the command prompt.

database server performance -

It is also necessary to understand that what kind of data is demanded by the users of the application. So, it is necessary to use coldfusion server log files and monitoring techniques to identify the queries. This is also helpful in the monitoring of the user activities of the application.

JDBC configuration -

JDBC servers are very helpful in tuning your database connections and performance. It is necessary to perform the use of different JDBC drivers in applications to improve its performance.

Conclusion -

It is necessary to monitor the bottlenecks of the coldfusion application time to time for the regular maintenance of the application. Generally, the problems of the applications are regarding to the hardware, network connection based problems. To monitor these problems, coldfusion log monitors and monitoring tools will help you as application developer.   

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