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In this era of cyber terrorism, there is big need of the application data security and protecting its sensitive user data. There are always security risks for any application on any inherent network machine. There are not only risks to code, infrastructure, database and its integrity but also effects to the end user tool. In this post, let’s try to understand the security risks of an application -

Data Level -
Application data is the most sensitive part of the application, because it can be accessed by any authorised or unauthorised user of the application. There are many kind of data integrity, resource accounts permissions, encryption activities which decides the security of data access.

Web server level -
Administrators can provide the user integrity to the web application server. A server is like a public interface to the user. There are many kind of web solutions like - SSL, network firewall, VPN which are used to protect the web server.

Application server level -
Application server work as a middleware to the database and web server. Application server can be configured with its own security paradigms. Developers can also code their own security paradigms and provide authenticity to the user.

Operating system level -
There are many advanced server operating systems like - Linux, Ubuntu which have their own security paradigms. Some advanced operating systems can completely encrypt their file system from unauthorised application access.

Network system level -
There are both types of security mechanisms like - hardware and software. Any network OS requires physical security perspectives in a multitiered network infrastructure.  Through firewall, VPN, filtering, access control policies you can define the limits.

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