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Generally, the concept of data access objects are similarly compared to the gateways but the reality is something else. Both the concepts are different from each other and quite opposite as well. So what are the things which differentiates themselves from each other  -

The difference between the data access object and gateway is this that the DAO are working towards the single data recording and manipulation but wherever gateway objects are used for the multiple data recording.

Another difference is this that the data access object declarations are quite easy. Only a single SQL statement is effective for manipulating the single data recording wherever the multiple data statements are necessary for declaring in the gateway objects.

There is no much need of amendments in the code of declaring the data access objects where the amendments of code is needed in much quantity while declaring the gateway objects. Sometimes the related code is also interchangeable due to interdependency.

The last and final difference is the use of CRUD statements in the declaration of the data access objects, wherever the multiple SQL statements are needed to declare the gateway objects.

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