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In the procedure oriented programming, when an object is declared, it has the right to access the data from variety of resources. In the object oriented programming framework, it is very necessary to decide the access rights of an information to an object.

So Dependency Injection ( DI ) are the control mechanisms that decides the rights of objects that how will it deal with the information. This mechanism is also known as the inversion of control (IOC) mechanism in coldfusion framework.

So DI mechanism indicates that the declared object is not retrieving the data or information from the class but it is providing the allowance to use the information to the application user. So from the traditional procedure oriented programming, we are moving to the opposition method in the object oriented programming framework of coldfusion.

It is to be considerable that in the coldfusion framework, the data access objects are singleton objects because it is needed to be created and cached at once. Coldfusion framework also provides the facility for holding components in the scope of an application and user object.

The scope of a variable can be decided from both the session and application wise. It is done for the specific user items like - e-shopping cart or user form. Thus data injection methods are very useful for the coldfusion application developers.

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