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As per we have discussed in our previous post, that coldfusion framework provides a user the facility to serve the modifications and use the database. This operation is used via CRUD methods. For different tasks, different functions are used. In this post, we will try to discuss these methods -
creating data -
The createnewuser () is used to create primary key in the database. In it, the insert () is passed as a mysql query and as an argument, the user object is passed within the database on which the user wants to perform the operation.
storing the user -  
To store the user information in to database, a user form is created in an application, and information is populated by the user beans through application form. These objects are created and stored in the onapplicationstart () method. Different users are provided with the different IDs. The user default value is “0”.
updating data -
To store the data, in the createnewuser () , user passes the argument as the user bean variable. In this instance, a user bean returns a boolean value. This value is set to “true”. The value is passed by the user form to the database.  
delete data -
To delete the data within the database, a record is deleted one at a time. The primary ID value is required to delete the record in the database. It is sent by the argument in the method, which is then used to delete the record via the correct SQL query.
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