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Data access objects are created with in the coldfusion object, which are helpful in creating the single data record in the application with the help of bean objects. Now the next question arises that which methodology should be used to read and return the multiple data records from database.

To read and return the multiple data records is needed in those type of applications which deal with larger queries through an object oriented parameter. In the coldfusion framework, Gateway objects are used to contain all type of big queries and data through an application.

Gateway object manages the interaction between the data provider and the application. A gateway encapsulates the relationship between the data to the application user. The other application objects are capable to access the data by sending requests to the gateway object.

If there is a connection of gateway object is made with the external API, then only it is needed to make some amendments to the referencing objects to get data. These objects make the query to the database to filter the specific records within a search interface.

To make a gateway to the coldfusion framework, we have to create a different template and all the users are created with in the database. To get the data, different gateway objects are needed to be framed.

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