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Depending on the server, an application developer has the need to perform specific actions. Many public LDAP servers automatically gives you permission to query the server. The security access is controlled by giving the valid username and password credentials to the authorized user.

The tag is used to perform the specific action in the LDAP directory. Like all other ColdFusion tags, it has some attributes for the developer to perform specific actions in the LDAP directory. Like -

NAME - to give the name to the query.

SERVER - The address of the server host which can be DNS address and its IP address.

TIMEOUT -  to set the time for doing the operation on the server.

START - to begin with the starting point where the search will be performed in the DIT.

MAXROWS -  to decide the maximum number of rows to be returned from LDAP query.

STARTROW - to decide the starting record in the database.

FILTER - to decide the search criteria of the query.   

MODIFYTYPE - to decide the type of modification to perform.

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