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While inspecting for coldfusion application monitoring, it is necessary for the coldfusion server logs. In additional, for a coldfusion application developer, it is also essential to monitor the offsite network architecture. For this purpose, to take a good network monitoring package is also helpful.
A tool named HP sitescope can be used for the monitoring of a coldfusion application server activity monitor. In addition to this, many other tools are also there which can be used for the fulfilment of this purpose on Linux platform like - solarwind network monitor, ganglia, nagios, zabbix etc.
There are the following activities performed for monitoring of the server, like -      
server uptime percentage
timeframes b/w requests
explaining outrage requests
Coldfusion applications are used for the different type of enterprise applications like - SMTP, web services, POP, LDAP, ERP applications etc. In the coldfusion application, there are different services like probes provided to perform not only the server monitoring but also to verify the failure conditions, sending email notifications and sending alerts.
Probes are the different network messages which are used to specify the different web pages. If the web page is showing the right content to the user then the message is shown as success. If the content is shown to user other than the specified one than the message is shown as the failure.
There are different set of probes specified for the different areas of an application. In addition to this, if the proper record sets are properly retrieved than the server is working properly Otherwise there are some faults.  
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