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It is considered hazardous to monitor and replicate the errors for improving the coldfusion application after it has been deployed completely. To monitor the coldfusion application, there are two approaches applied - historical analysis and active system monitoring.

Firstly, you should have to decide a baseline for your coldfusion application that how should an application and its components should behave under normal conditions. To monitor the performance of the coldfusion application, many performance testing tools like webload can be used.

To monitor the performance of the coldfusion application, coldfusion log viewer can also be used. Regular monitoring the coldfusion log files is the indicator of the long term maintenance and survival of the coldfusion application.

It is very easy to find the record details from all the log files in coldfusion framework. The exception.log file is one of the most important log file to monitor the coldfusion application errors and performance. Although it is very tough enough for coldfusion application developers to follow the java stack traces.   

Reviewing all coldfusion log files is the good indicator of all the activity monitoring in the coldfusion application in the normal conditions. Jrun metrics is one of the best tools under coldfusion application that how much memory is being utilized by the application and which special requests are not responding.

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