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Most of the internet service providers adopt the policy of the multi home servers with the virtual root instances. A single web server answers the requests for all the domain names with their IP addresses. A server can have the different domain names with different IP addresses and also different domain names with single IP address.

It is still considered necessary and good practice to install ColdFusion on the standalone web server. Although it is installed on the port number 8500 which can open the security holes and potential risks for the existing application. It also enables path caching for templates and files for the optimization of the performance of application.

To assure the security of ColdFusion administrator, it is safe to use it from the web server instance. In a single instance, ColdFusion administrator can modify all the file settings similarly. Doing the same task with multiple instances, it can cause the severe problems for the server failure.

To configure the ColdFusion installer on the multiple of hosts, it is necessary to use wsconfig tool to connect application to the web server. Here there is a connector used for passing the requests of ColdFusion templates and files to the ColdFusion engine.

In the latest ColdFusion engines, it is given the facility to the application developer the ColdFusion application to the multiple host servers. Still it is considered necessary to configure the virtual files to the server.     

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