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For the fine tuning of your server performance of your server, it is necessary to use coldfusion server monitor. It gives very good options for server performance metrics and statistics for effective server performance upgrading.

active requests -

This section shows the active requests to the server which are related to the web services, gateways & browser requests. It shows all the request sessions in a graphical format.

active coldfusion threads -

This section shows the complete information of the active running requests on the coldfusion application. By clicking on a peculiar thread, developers can also see the detailed view of the thread.

Slowest coldfusion requests -

This section shows the slowest coldfusion requests with their average response time and with the template and file name. It is necessary for speed optimization of the server and application itself.

active threads -

This section shows the current active threads running on the application with their current session id, client IP and memory sizes. It also shows the current users login to the application.

Highest hit counts -

This section also shows the templates information which requests for the server again and again. This report is also viewable in the graphical format.

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