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Coldfusion framework is full of the features and tags, which is useful for many hackers to get access to the system resources like - network resources, databases, hard drive, registry and file system. So in the coldfusion framework, many administrator facilities are enabled, which restricts the access to the certain tags and functions.

The coldfusion service factory is an undocumented version of all the features defined in coldfusion framework. Java API is provided to the users to safe access for the servicefactory resources. To secure the coldfusion servicefactory, coldfusion administrator has to disable the java objects within the application.

One of the most powerful features of coldfusion application is the remote desktop service which allows the users to quickly modify the file system directly. The secured way of using the application is to remove the right of users to modify the RDS and give them FTP access to modify the file details.

To separate the shared and host environment and apply the directory based restrictions, coldfusion also provides the sandbox mechanism. The sandbox mechanism is very useful, when the application is being hosted on the multiple of servers. Coldfusion framework also gives you the automated sandbox making facility.  

There is also need to concentrate on the multiple server environment, where each of the application is being holded by the server in its virtual hosting instances. In every instance, virtual server has its own IP roots and domain names. It is also known as the multi-home environment in coldfusion application.  

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