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Coldfusion is a programming language which is used to make a connection between the HTML pages to its database. It was developed in 1995 by the J. allaire, a US based internet and software engineer and is the owner of Allaire corporation. He also provided the separate IDE for coldfusion application development. Today coldfusion language is also known as CFML.
Coldfusion is closely related to HTML but it is also interrelated to ASP, Java, Javascript and PHP too. It is also famous in preparing in the server side applications using Javascript. Today coldfusion is also known for compressing HTML into the PDF documents, form validations and also making the client side scripts.
Coldfusion and its applications were previously based on the windows platform but today it is also committed to Mac and sun solaris platforms. The biggest quality of the coldfusion application framework is piece coding ability. The different parts of the codes are prepared individually and they can also be used later for the multiples of the web forms, pages and newsletters.
To compile the applications in CFML there is also a inbuilt compiler named JIT (just in time ) is also available like microsoft visual studio framework. Coldfusion support services can also interact with the network applications and the CORBA architecture.
As previously discussed, the coldfusion framework is also available with its own IDE, which is also known as coldfusion IDE. It is available with a coldfusion server, which also works as a deployment platform and the IDE itself is also known as the website making platform.      

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