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Often it is seemed that the people from the finance department are willing to stay away from the IT initiatives and they are more dependent on Excel interface. In this case, it is more necessary that a SAAS product should be developed while considering the needs of finance department so that the IT support is minimum required.
Although the proper implementation of SAAS product is required for the complete success. To complete the financial requirements, it is needed to design the proper interface in the form of analytical dashboards and financial waterfall charts in a SAAS model.
some better examples -
The number one best example of the CPM software is Axiom CPM suite. It is based on preparing on the following tasks -
financial consolidation
profit and cost calculation
financial closing management
financial reporting
financial analytics
The latest version of Axiom CPM suite is version 16 which is focused for great collaborative and transactional workflow functions.
BOARD’s CPM product -
This CPM product suite is an on premise CPM software product which can perform the following tasks -
reporting and dashboarding
data planning and simulation
automated narration
inter informational collaboration
self service reporting
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