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There are 4th generation of industrial revolution which is in the progress. The industrial revolution was started in at the end of eighteenth century in which the machinery production was emphasized instead of manual work. The machinery production was progressed by water and steam.
In the second phase this mechanism was in trend and today’s industrial revolution is passing through in the IT infrastructure and dude ! today is 21st century where all the manufacturing process is going through the cyber physical systems.
Today’s complete process of production planning is connected through many entities like - finance, customer, sales, inventory, HR, shop floor execution and vendor management. The proper planning of production depends upon the proper integration of ERP software.
The concept of industry 4.0 has many characteristics like -
machinery to machinery communication
machinery to material communication
real time integration
proper integration facilities
role of ERP in support of industry 4.0 -
reducing lead time
reducing data processing time
producing cloud data management facilities
communicating raw material and processing equipment
integrating customers and suppliers   
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