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SARMED group of companies is a pioneer greek company established in the year 1955 which is famous for its logistics handling. It also offers the cool cargo services in mass level. The company also specializes in design, study, construction and development of the warehouse and cargo centers. The company believes in optimizing its business practices by adopting new innovative practices.
Why SARMED applied the erp software in its NUBIS premises -
SARMED had a warehouse management software with limited accounting and financial abilities and due to increasing the growth in the company the company felt the need for mixing their ERP and CRM system to manage its custom resources and documentation.
In a logistics company there were number of transactions happen everyday and the regular documentation is required to handle all activities around Greece at any point of time. In the future plan, it was also required to integrate all the completely functional web portal which could handle all the customer support panel in a safe and secure environment.
How company implemented the erp software of NUBIS -
In the accounting section the erp software was implemented for the following tasks -
monitoring of spare parts
importing of transport related documents
to control client balances
link sales with analysis
monitor financial recordings
for sales department -
implementing proper procedure handling system
full monitoring of supply feature
attendance of warehouse employees
creating and managing the offers to clients
average time calculation in order complete
for warehouse management -
full monitoring of the proper supply chain management
calculate cost of warehouse workers in outsourcing
full monitoring of warehouse calendar chart
monitoring overtime of wages
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