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How ERP vendors should be selected by the small scale companies ?
ERP systems are decided for a small business by using their revenue scale. Businesses should have the following information about their budget constraints for implementing their ERP software. It can help in deciding the feasible ERP solutions.
There are following tiers for selecting the proper erp vendors -
Tier I ERP vendors -
There are many corporations whose annual turnover is more than 1 billion dollars. These are also known as multinational corporations and they have their own presence in multiple of geographic locations.
Tier 2 ERP vendors -
These multinational companies come in the category of revenue worth of in between 50 million dollars and 1 billion dollars. These companies have single or two locations worldwide. These are called mid sized companies and they adopt middle term budgets for ERP allocation.
Tier 3 vendors -
In this tier, the ERP companies have the revenue worth in between 10 to 50 million dollars. In this arena, the client requirements are lower and installation of ERP software is easier to implement.     
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