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A ERP software is always available to support & integrate the business processes and to provide the consistent flow of the information available in an organization. At the post implementation level, ERP software works on the many different processes like - supply chain management, customer relationship management, supply chain management etc.
How to implement the complete process workflow in an organization -
There are following steps for the complete process framework -
process design
process management
process workflow
process application
The process implementation should be done in a way that it should be relevant to the organizational goals. For fulfilling this purpose, this is necessary to understand the basic needs and business processes of an organization.
To complete the business processes, it is necessary to be an organization based goal centric approach. It is necessary to be properly aligned in terms of an organization to get the business objectives.     
How to represent the processes to an organization -
organization view
process view
function view
data view
output view  
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