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Handicrafts are the artisanal crafts which are handmade or produced by tools. To make handicrafts, complex processes and skills are required and manual supervision is required. Generally handicraft items are made of the three general elements -
In India there is a different type of handicraft products are manufactured like -
bamboo handicrafts
handicrafts made of coconut shells
handicraft items made of the fibre crafts
leather handicrafts
metal handicrafts
Rattan handicrafts
Shell handicrafts
wooden handicrafts
weaving loom
carving work
Indian Handicraft sector does not have the need for the investment of more than 60 lakh rupees. It is considered as the traditional MSME business and not registered as under the factory act. In handicraft sector, only quality of product is not only important but also the design and pattern of the product is also very important. To get succeeded in the handicraft sector it is always necessary for having the knowledge of customer preferences and their satisfaction level.
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