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Lifelong learning is closely related to openness and changes to the individual lifespan with the situations. The concept of lifelong learning came into existence when Yeaxlee and Lindeman suggested that education is a lifetime process and not limited to formal school or college.

Till 1970s, education was related to only to education of schools and colleges. After that the learning was associated with the workers in a office to train themselves for improving their working skills. UNESCO promoted the social learning concept as a cultural policy.

Later on, the new forms of formal learning, informal learning and nonformal learning were identified. The association of the lifelong learning concept was also associated with the personal fulfillment and social welfare.
The lifelong learning is also closely associated with the economical empowerment. In this series, first time ever, the concept of eportfolio came in to existence where the emphasis is given to the formal and informal learning experiences to the individuals.

The concept of lifelong learning became more powerful in the decade of 90s, because it got associated to the individual empowerment towards the fulfillment of their job responsibilities which would meet the routine changing demands of the working landscape.      

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