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Hotwatt manufacturing is an established company in 1952 and it has been dealing in the coil heating elements like - cartridge, tube products, foils and strips etc. The company has been the supplier of these products in different segments like - industrial, medical, commercial, aviation and transportation. The company’s most expertise and vulnerable product is water cartridge at medium or high watts.
How RRM was implemented at Howmatt Manufacturing -
After installing the RRM software, there was no single department which had not been impacted by the software. The company labour attendance could be managed easily while entering their clock in and clock out time.
It could also become possible for all the people present in the company premises that what is the actual cost being produced at the each stage of production. The actual accuracy of data had been dramatically increased in terms of inventory and decrease the overall latency time.
There are many benefits while using the RRM software -
instant access to information
handling capacity of customers at a single time was increased
no additional requirement of staff was needed
documentation time was saved
file sharing was shared
backup and security features were increased
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