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The already available knowledge in the form of information is not sufficient. So the speed of updating the information on the relevant websites is still increasing. As per according to the survey, since 2009, this rate increased at the rate of 65% annually. In 2007, the total information uploaded online was much more in the quantity than it could be stored.

It is also necessary to tell that in 2012, the information stored in the websites was much more than five times than 2007. In today’s era, more information is stored in the format of textual format but also in the form of the audio, podcasts and infographics as well. To deal with this data, it is itself a complex process.

It is remarkable to see that not only the availability of data is still increasing but also the access rate of that data is also increasing. As per according to the internet web stats, the total internet population is approximately 75%. In the developed economies, the internet and its data penetration power is much higher than the developing economies.

Today a new trend is coming to the modern era that the data and information being generated by the internet of things is much more than a human created content. The devices like - Cortana, Siri, Alexa are revolutionizing the content transmission to the people. It is estimated that the information retrieval will be much more easy through these devices rather than human written content.

In this era of information bloat, the biggest need to find the relevant data is still there in organizations to make an effective decision making. To miss the relevant data will give the invitation to the missed growth opportunities. So the importance of real time information is still increasing.  
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