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In the previous version till coldfusion 8, to monitor the state of the coldfusion application server, multiple log parsers like - SNMP, JVM were used. SInce the launching of the coldfusion 9 edition, coldfusion server monitor is there, by using it has no need of the third party tools. Coldfusion Server Monitor is the flex application, which is the best helping tool for you to monitor different specific activities of your server -  
server requests
thread usage
real time server queries
memory usage
unresponsive errors
What type of tasks CSM can perform for you ?
Coldfusion server monitor can perform the following activities for you -
set intervals for information gathering
filtering the information
take snapshots of a period of activities
generate monitoring activities
creates a variety of alerts for specific activities
perform specific actions on events
In the CSM, there are three types of options for coldfusion server monitoring -
start monitoring
start profiling
start memory tracking
Thus coldfusion server monitor also allows you to monitor your application and also to focus on the specific area, where the problems are occuring. CSM allows you to access the loads of information to tell you which were difficult to notify.
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