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Knowledge management deals with the importance of the sharing of knowledge to others. One of the biggest role of the knowledge management and E-learning is in the time of disaster management. Knowledge management with disaster prevention is directly related to share, capture and leverage the knowledge of individuals to solve the problem.  
The knowledge and E-learning play their role in disaster management during and after an emergency.

From academic sessions, it is necessary to develop the necessary skills in the trainees and individuals to maintain the process of learning. In United States and some european countries, continuous learning and training are considered necessary for inhaling the “mission critical processes”.  

Disaster prevention was started in France at the Federal 2008 education plan where due to the fear of pandemic flu, the online learning was initiated in France. The pandemic flu program was started to increase the sharing of knowledge to the individuals and internalization of knowledge in the processes of the universities that are the part of the digital environment.

How to increase the association of the E-Learning with the disaster management -

increase the number of online education resources or increase the access to the knowledge.

increase the creativity and skill of the individuals to work in the circumstances of the disasters.

increase the use of knowledge of an experienced employees to the new candidates to work under the disaster conditions.

Knowledge Management is the way to mitigate the disaster conditions of the environment. True value of the knowledge management is hidden in the fact that the continuity of operations in an organization should be sustained in the disasters and normal conditions as well.  

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