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Assurance of learning is the group of all internal processes in an organization by which the need of desired learning can be understood in an organization and how to improve it for the betterment of routine job activities.

Learning and knowledge management are the parts of organization day to day activities now from the last fifty years. First before the launching of any learning program, it is critically essential to understand the organization system and its core processes and activities.

Today while conducting and design a learning program in an organization, it is measured the overall impact of the program on the overall performance of the employees and instructional goals rather on organizational objectives.

Assurance of learning focuses on the continuous improvement of the learner. It also emphasizes on the continuous measurement of the learning program success level by assessing the output and competency level of the department of an organization.

To develop the plan of the online learning assurance program, the following steps are required -

connecting assessment to the goals and processes
engaging stakeholders
creating a written plan
timely assessment of the critical processes  

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