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Today customers are considered as a king and the software which is used in managing the data related to customer insights is called customer relationship management tool. Today the open source CRM software are in demand.
Open source CRM is the software whose source code is available to public on the internet and can easily be customized and modified as per the business requirements. From small to big enterprizes, it is advised to adopt the open source CRM software. Today the craze of open source software is on the extreme. These are the figures -
Engineering - 32%
Sales - 8%
Finance - 6%
HR - 3%
Marketing - 8%
Open Source CRM software are the big piece of cake for the enterprizes because they are very utilizable for the long run in the business. The biggest advantage is this that you can use this type of software with limited modules and with the growing number of business processes the modules can also be increased.
Overall, an open source CRM software gives following benefits to the organization -
better integration
standardization of business processes
cost effectiveness
better customer communication
easy customer monitoring
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