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Pipeco company is a 2008 established australian company which involves in dealing in water pipes, valves and services. It is employing more than 2000 people in Australia and New Zealand. The company had first US parent company with five decisions. The company had an annual turn over of 400 million AUD and had employed 400 people.
What were the reasons behind implementing ERP software -
company administration wanted to end the legacy systems
lack of capability to support current operations
to support business growth
lack of communication between the other customer groups
establishing on greater financial transparency and taxation audit
How did the company implement the ERP software -
Pipeco company decided to implement the erp software in 2004. In the first phase, the ERP software cost was measured 10 million AUD and licensing policies were determined. Company opted for the implementation of the in-house team and there were regular meetings. There were some internal team members, developers and external consultants. SAP software was selected to implement.
In starting of the project, ERP software was very criticised in the company. Even in the company, some employees did not take part in testing and trails. A single consultant of SAP was included with the project team to decide the overall workflow design. So the project committee had to give the change management and project management training. Ultimately, the project was implemented into 24 hours.  

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