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Manufacturing and operational processes are also the part of PLM solutions. Today manufacturing and operational processes are not separated from each other. It is necessary to develop a conceptual and systematic framework to provide a complete feedback to the user.
In PLM software, many processes are significant. First process is identified at customising software processes and deployment need is initialized for such application or a range of tasks. There is no need of traditional or formal methods to initialize and customize the software execution processes.
In mapping of software processes, many number of groups of processes are made and at ultimate, the specific needs of the organizations are decided and according to the priority they are sequentially performed.
These are the following steps to decide the PLM execution process -
identify main attributes of an application
decide hierarchical needs
planning and analysis
verification and deployment
implementation of activities
Many PLM software provides the facility to work on a collaborative platform in context of the specific aspect and it is based on the system engineering processes. In initial the PLM software were limited to the aeronautics, space and military industries but today there is a great scope for the PLM software in every industry.  
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