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TIme is money because it is important to manage time, cost and resources for a project manager to accomplish the goal. Before choosing the project management solution, it is necessary to understand the project management software pros and cons for your organization. Let’s review some of these kind of pros and cons -

pros -

A project manager has to allocate timelines, duties and responsibilities among the employees. There is no meaning to have project management software in the organization if a project management software can’t automate all these activities for the manager.

A project manager has the time tracking benefits by using the project management software. A project has been divided into the different phases and all the phases are divided into different tasks. The project management software has no meaning if it can’t show the individual progress in completing the tasks.

Having a project management and reporting software have their open benefits in task management. If the employees are completing their tasks on time or before it, managers can easily switch them on other tasks eventually. This helps in saving the cost, time & productivity.

An ideal project management software helps in establishing effective communication between the team members. This helps in sharing real time project activities information in an effective manner. This kind of software is easily helpful in those situation if your employees are not working at the same location.     

cons -

project reporting software may take a lot of time into practice.
can have more cost and time to implement.
learners can take time to learn about the project reporting software.
it creates problems in setting the deadlines.
other delay reasons in implementation.

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