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It is very necessary for to detect the server traffic handling capacity with the passing of time. There are many methods like - load balancing hardware, software and round robin load balancing. In round robin load balancing method, many predefined algorithms are used to define the pre-requested server.

The concept of round robin load balancing takes place when a single domain name have the multiple IP addresses. A web administrator must be willful to make changes to the overall server before applying the round robin load balancing.  

In round robin load balancing, a general process is adopted to give a single domain name two multiple IP addresses. One IP is for the public identification and one is for the uniquely server identification. When a user browser sends a request to the remote server for your public domain, it checks the actual IP address of your domain name in its cache.

The major problem in the RRDNS method is that the target server only responds to remote server, unleash the remote server has its IP address in its cache. When in the cache, IP address is removed then the connection between those systems is also removed. This situation is also called as the mega-proxy problem.

It becomes more important for internet service providers because they can manage the more user connections than they have more IP addresses. Today many website content is cached through proxy servers.      

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