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There are approximately 600000 villages in India in which 70% of people are totally or partially dependent on the agriculture or handicraft industry for their standard of living. There are liberal trade policies are organized to increase the handicraft export of India from rural areas. The role of Indian handicrafts is very important and its contribution is very important towards the growth of rural economy.  
The Indian rural handicrafts have a very significant place in managing & developing the handicraft economy of India. The biggest benefit of the handicraft industry of India is that the product are made of hand instead of machinery based products which gives it an edge over its competitors like - China and Philippines. It directly employs more than 1 million people directly or indirectly.
There are many rural handicraft products which are very popular in India like -
jewelry, marble handicrafts, metal handicrafts, brass handicrafts, paintings, brass handicrafts, statues, bowls, bells, miniatures, tables and chairs, toys etc.
Indian Handicraft products have faced a long time period of struggle and it has been successful in placing a rightful place in the world market. Indian handicrafts have a very significant place in the USA, UK and other european countries. In recession period of 2008-09 it has fetched a declining period since the inception and after 2010 it has seen a growth and Indian rural handicrafts have fetched the worth of 10000 crore dollars.
Indian rural handicraft industry is needed proper market placement, financial position and management. So for this many private and government subsidiary bodies are needed to be contributed. In addition to this the Indian Handicrafts are needed to be maintained its reality because the handmade Indian Handicrafts are really liked by foreign people because of its real effort.  
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