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• Head wise sale summary details date wise
• Bill and head wise sale summary details date wise
• Date wise sale summary details
• Items sale details with in a date parameter
• Bill details with in a specific date range
• Sales details date wise
• Item wise daily sales return detail summary
• Ledger wise sale return details
• Category wise profit and loss detail lists
• Member wise profit and loss detailed lists
• Members bill details
• Updated stock balance details MESS REPORTS:
• Mess diet detail summary date wise
• Mess consumption details with in a specific range of date
• Mess coupon sale details date wise Point of sale (Stock Master) Salient Features
• Create new indent or obtain Indent details as due indents, released indents, completed indents or cancelled intend lists
• Maintain stock items
• Create an new GRN or obtain GRN details as open GRNs, closed GRNs or canceled GRN lists
• Manage sales create new cart , can obtain the details for the open carts, bills , day book or return • Maintain miscellaneous expenditures
• Maintain PO and obtain the details for PO, demand PO and closed PO
• Maintain opening stock
• Manage demands check for due demands, released demands or pending demands and can create a new demands.
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