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Tourism sector of India is not only an individual segment in itself but it is also affecting the other sectors of Indian handicraft industry.  In 2017 there were around 10 million foreign tourists in India and it is predicted that the number of the total tourists is approaching to be nearly around 12 million people.
In 2017 there was a total foreign currency income of 2000 billion US dollars to Indian Government. The growth rate of foreign currency increment due to tourism is measured to reach at 18% growth rate.
How tourism affects the Indian Handicraft industry ? -
Tourism industry also effects the development of a developing economy like India and it also effects the socio cultural dimension of the economy. The tourism industry development also can develop the demand of new local handicraft products and services.  
The tourism industry is considered as the world’s number one industry and handicraft industry is also one of the fastest growing industry. Together they are both dependent on each other and one’s progress with obviously depend the second one progress as well.
The one quality is regarding the Indian Handicraft industry is this that due to ecology, natural resources and variety of different states has been able to produce the quality of handicrafts but the marketing resources are limited as well the efforts are also limited.
Many local and central efforts are needed to be performed. Many local fairs, exhibitions should be placed timely and many ecommerce industries like - Amazon, flipkart and snapdeal are also entering in the field to promote the local handicrafts. These efforts can be really helpful in maximizing the revenue potential of the indian handicrafts at the regional level.     
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