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Uttar Pradesh is the fifth largest state in terms of area and is also one of the most populated state in Northern India. It handles overall 15% of total population of India. Up also contributes approximately 8% GDP of India.
The state is also famous for flora and fauna which are good for pastures. Uttar Pradesh is as well famous for the cities like Saharanpur and Moradabad which are famous for woodwork and metalwork in handicrafts.
Uttar Pradesh has been the largest state in providing the employment and enterprises to many of more than 90 lakh people whether it may be registered or unregistered companies. In addition to this the handicrafts of Uttar Pradesh has more than 60 % partition in the Indian Exports. There are many special economic zones developed in many cities of UP like - noida and Moradabad and many economic parks are developed.
The important handicraft products which are being produced in UP which have a significant role in export they are , - carpets, metal frames and wooden handicrafts. Besides this the jewelry, hardware, software, printing and leather products are also notably transported to the Indian Economy.
In the UP economy to make more contribution in handicraft sector, it is necessary for the state government to increase the production level and enhancing the export units. First it is necessary for the government to identify the sectors which are having the great demand in domestic as well the international market.
In addition to this it is also necessary to provide some training programmes related to technologies which are necessary to make the production more smooth and less time consuming.
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