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Today is the era of new variegated wooden cabinets. In US there is a lot of new demand in the kitchen wood cabinets. In 2008 there was the net increment of 6-7% and it was of more than 13 million USD net worth. Wood cabinets have associated with the incredible fact that they are not changed in the recent years in context of the designs and patterns. These are used as a storage area
In mid 1970s there was an era of wood cabinets which were made of oak. After 90s there is an era of maple, pine and cherry wood cabinets which is still in fashion. Besides this the oak wood cabinets are still coming back in trend. Still there are new shades of black, dark and grey wood cabinets which are being considered back for the office and handicraft furniture.
There are boh type of wood cabinets available - A) hardwood  B) softwood. darker colour handicraft items are seemed to be expensive but light colour wood cabinets are seems to be the costly one. It is considered as one of the primary factors for selecting the wood cabinets. Generally the lighter, light weighted wooden cabinets are mostly preferred by the consumers. Today, there are the LED lighting facilities working in the cabinets to provide heat and special effect.
Today people are also liking the stains patterns on the wood cabinets. Generally high income holding people are accepting the dark and red stained wooden cabinets and low income holding people generally like light weighted patterns.
generally wooden cabinets are available in different drawers as well like - wooden cabinet with 2 drawers, wooden cabinet with 4 drawers, wooden cabinet with drawers, wooden cabinet with 8 drawers etc.     

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